Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage

During pregnancy, and after birth, your body experiences many changes. Your muscles and soft tissues have to adapt to carrying a baby and may become overworked or overstretched as your posture changes throughout pregnancy. Your body also undergoes a lot of stress during childbirth. Whether you have a straightforward delivery, a more complicated birth or a C-section it can take time to recover from this process.

Pregnancy massage is offered from the second trimester onwards (treatment is not advised until after you have had your first scan). It helps to reduce muscle tension, aid rest and relaxation, and help your body adapt to the changes it is going through.  Positioning is adapted to accommodate the growing baby bump with treatment either in side-lying or elevated supine.

Pregnancy Massage

For the post-natal woman it is important that they support their body's healing process, which can feel difficult when adjusting to looking after a new baby! Post-natal massage can help with stress, muscular aches and pains, breath retraining, C-section scar discomfort and diastasis recti recovery.

Before treatment you will be asked to complete a specific pregnancy, or post-natal, on-line screening questionnaire. This enables me to ensure that treatment is right for you and allows me to tailor the treatment to best suit your needs. The link to the questionnaire will be sent to you after booking, it must be completed before the treatment session. If I feel any further detail is needed in relation to the information provided I will contact you to discuss. Don't be concerned about this, it just ensures that I have all the information I need to provide you with a safe and comfortable treatment.